How to Market Efficiently During Covid19

Michael Troina
2 min readJul 6, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has no doubt taken a toll on businesses. With social distancing and lockdowns being the new normal, businesses are facing the roughest of times. However, despite the economic uncertainties, there’s still a need for companies to stay afloat.

One way of ensuring continuity is by connecting with customers through marketing. The following are some of the marketing strategies marketers can adopt during this period.

Understand The Customers’ Challenges

Ensuring you can solve customers’ problems is the first thing you should consider before marketing. During such pandemics, however, these problems often change.

Businesses should stay up to speed with the industry news to understand the market and develop new strategies to counter customer’s challenges. Because many customers are hurting financially, companies should survey them, note their challenges, and work backward towards creating an appropriate marketing strategy.

Business-Customer Communication is Crucial

Yes, the main focus of marketing is attracting new customers and maintaining the ones you already have. Maintain excellent communication with the new customers to better understand their needs and device ways of meeting them.

For instance, businesses can shift to manufacturing and distributing masks and other protective gear since it’s their’ clients’ most significant need presently. While this might be a temporary move, shifting the focus to new customers is critical.

Businesses should also effectively communicate such changes as method and time of delivery, and availability so the customers can adjust their expectations effectively.

Ensure Value

More than ever, customers are watching every buck they spend, thanks to the harsh economic times. For this reason, it takes much more than the come-get-it cliché way of marketing.

The easiest way to convince your customers to spend their hard-earned cash on your products or services is by offering value . This way, businesses not only register sales but also create long-lasting relationships with customers.

Embrace Digital Marketing Strategies

Many people are currently spending lots of their time on their electronic gadgets using their internet. Businesses can use this powerful tool to optimize multiple streams of income.

For instance, businesses can use social media, mobile apps, and websites to build a brand and connect with their customers. Such platforms call consistent postings; however, they bear the best fruits in a short time.

Wrapping It Up

Now, more than ever, businesses should maintain excellent communication with customers. Adopting the above marketing strategies will help companies know and attend to their customers’ needs effectively as they get used to the new normal.

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